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BlackVue DR470-2CH Review

Nowadays evidently most customers searching out a higher give up sprint cam wants to go together with a 2 channel device in preference to just the 1-channel. It’s not difficult to look why because the small growth in fee, normally less than $a hundred, for double the insurance is a pretty exact price. That being stated, many finances 2 channel systems handiest offer low bitrate 720p recording at the front and possibly even vga decision at the rear which isn’t honestly top enough for most customers. Blackvue’s preliminary presenting with the dr430-2ch, presented front video pleasant that we did not absolutely sense became properly enough when structures like the blacksys ch-100b that were now not lots extra however presented tons better features and video exceptional. With blackvue’s new dr470-2ch even though, the rate has no longer long past up considerably but the video exceptional is an awful lot better at the the front digicam.

Recording Quality

The dr470-2ch offers full hd front and hd rear video decision, much like the flagship dr650s-2ch. The video high-quality is not quite as proper as the front digital camera lacks a sony exmor cmos sensor, however standard we felt the dr470-2ch become still quite desirable for the rate thanks to the fantastically excessive 10 + 5 megabits per 2d bitrate. The rear digital camera is largely equal to the top-of-the-line dr650s-2ch but like that digital camera, the night time video on the rear isn’t the great. For people who have a tinted rear window, we suggest sorting out the lg innotek lgd521 or the thinkware f770 which have better rear cameras, those fashions are pretty a chunk more money even though.


As far as functions pass, the dr470-2ch is a reasonably simple tool that is great-proper for “set it and overlook it” customers. The design is very smooth and with a minimalist compact matte black frame that most customers will discover pretty appealing. The disadvantage to the minimalist layout is that there are not any buttons in this device so that you can’t layout the cardboard, turn the microphone on/off, or cause manual event recording. This digital camera additionally would not provide wifi or a display so the most effective way to get admission to settings and motion pictures is through the micro sd card which calls for a pc. We propose finding out the blacksys ch-100b if features like wifi and the delivered comfort of buttons are essential to you. We can see the simplicity of the dr470-2ch being attractive for a few clients even though.

Parking Mode

The main promoting characteristic for the blackvue dr470 review might be the pre-buffered parking mode recording by means of movement or surprise detection that blackvue is understood for whilst paired with a committed hardwiring kit or battery p.C.. Motion detection may be activated through both front or rear cameras and when that occurs a clip with the 5 seconds earlier than the triggering occasion and 55 seconds after could be written to the memory card. Some other unique function of the dr470-2ch would be its lockable reminiscence card flap which might also make it an excellent preference for fleet managers. A small padlock can be added over the flap through the loop on the facet which might save you deleting of files on the memory card or converting of any settings. It may additionally make the digicam more tough to steal as the padlock could face up to the separation of the camera from the mount.


We experience that the dr470-2ch is a miles higher fee while in comparison to the decrease stop dr430-2ch. The video first-class is ideal and the two channel coverage may be very attractive at this charge factor. as an alternative to a better cease wifi and gps prepared 1-channel parking mode dash cam, this version might make sense for a person who may not take benefit of those more features. If you could get over the truth which you want to take the cardboard out to format, there may be without a doubt an excellent fee proposition with the blackvue dr470-2ch sprint cam!

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